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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - RENECAR Praha Rent a Car


  • 30.6.2010
    Octavia 15 000,-/month!

    Škoda Octavia II in July and August only for 15 000,- CZK per month.
  • 20.3.2008
    We have new web site

    There have been a complete renovation of our web presentation. Its design suits today's standards of web sites.

150 00 Prague 5 - Smichov

Czech republic

phone: +420 257 313 798
e-mail: info@renecar.cz

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in the price for rent?
    Price includes mandatory insurance, wrecking insurance with user´s co-insurance, highway ticket, Vehicle Excise Duty, car delivery and pick up during working hours, assistance service, towage service including spare car.
  2. What is full insurance?
    Full shift of responsibility for car damage from the tenant to the lessor.

    • car radio abstraction
    • navigation system abstraction
    • chassis damage
    • tyre damage
    • disk and axle cap damage
    Technical minimum ignorence:
    For example: Signal sign ignorence
    Car theft
  3. Rent time period
    See contract conditions – rent price
  4. How to proceed in the case of car damage?
    Tenant must contact the lessot without delay and report the damage. Also contact the police. Further steps wil be discussed individually.
  5. Necessary documents for car rent.
    - individuals: identity card, driving license, passport, valid bank card
    - corporations: Register of Campanies statement, identity card, driving license, full powers from the secretary