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Contract condition

  1. General provisions
    1. RENECAR Praha s.r.o. (thereinafter lessor) and the tenant are closing a Contract about renting a motor car.
    2. Tenant can be an individual older then 21 and must be the owner of a driving licence. Tenant can also be a corporation. Its employees must fulfil the same conditions as the individual.
    3. Tenant must prove its identity and ita abilities for driving a car.
  2. Price for rent
    1. Prices are stated by a daily rate. Daily rates are stated in the valid pricelist.
    2. Daily rate – it is 24 hours from the time of delivery to the time of pick up.
    3. In the case the time of the rent is exceeded by more then an hour, the tenant is charged another day.
  3. Insurance
    1. Each car that is the contract matter has mandatory insurance and the wrecking insurance with the tenant’s excess stated.
    2. In the case of car damage or damage, the tenant is charged the stated excess. In the following cases, however, the tenant is charged full charge.
    3. Insurance does not apply to the following. In the case tenant violates the Contract by driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other habit-forming drug. In these cases, the damage is charged full charged to the tenant.
    4. Tenant has the possibility to arrange extra insurance and assign the risk of excess to the lessor. The extra insurance does not concern chassis damage, tyre damage, disc damage, axle cap damage. Radio and navigation system theft.
  4. Lessor’s obligation
    1. Lessor is obliged to deliver the car in good and clean condition, good technical condition.
    2. Lessor is obliged to hand over to the tenant necessary car documents.
  5. Tenant’s obligation
    1. Tenant is obliged to use the car following the car producer’s instructions. No damage must occur.
    2. Tenant is obliged to use the car exclusively by himself. In the case of a corporation, the user is stated by the Contract.
    3. Tenant is obliged to take the car to the technical control without the lessors notice after reaching the specific number of kilometres. During the technical car, the tenant will get a spare car.
    4. Tenant is obliged to report every single damage on the car (car accident, car theft or theft of some car part) to the Police CZ and the lessor. In other case, tenant is charged full charge.
    5. Tenant must not dismantle or remove any car parts. If the tenant does the damage, tenant is charged full charge. In the case the tenant must repair or fix some car problem, tenant must contact the lessor at first. Without the lesso´r agreement, tenant must not make any repairs on the car. Tenant is charge also for the damage he does on the car by technical minimum ignorance, including the charge for wrecking service.
    6. Tenant must return the car without damage and on time.
    7. If the car is returned highly dirty, or during bad visibility conditions, lessor has the right, during the next 48 hours, to charge the tenant special charge for damage.
  6. Contract penalties
    1. 4.000,- CZK penalty for lost keys or registration book.
    2. 50.000,- CZK for car theft together with lost keys or registration book.
  7. Closing settlements
    1. These contract conditions are a part of every car rental Contract between the essor and the tenant. Contract conditions are obligatory for both sides.
    2. Contract condition violation is the argument for withdrawing from the Contract.