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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in the price for rent?
  2. Price includes mandatory insurance, wrecking insurance with user´s co-insurance, highway ticket, Vehicle Excise Duty, car delivery and pick up during working hours, assistance service, towage service including spare car.

  3. What is full insurance?
  4. Full shift of responsibility for car damage from the tenant to the lessor. Exclusions:


    • theft of the car radio and the resulting damage
    • theft of the navigation device and the resulting damage
    • damage to the chassis
    • tire puncture
    • damage to discs and wheel covers

    Ignorance of technical minimum

    • Eg: Ignoring signaling indicators.

    Vehicle theft

  5. Period of the lease
  6. See contract terms - rental price

  7. What to do in case of damage to the vehicle?
  8. The lessee must immediately contact the car owner and report any damage to the vehicle, and must contact the Police. After assessing the damage caused by the car owner, he / she will agree with the lessee on further action regarding the damage to the vehicle.

  9. Necessary documents to rent a car
    • for FO: ID card, driving license, passport and payment card
    • at PO: extract from the Commercial Register, ID card, driving license, or power of attorney from the company executive