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Terms and conditions

    General conditions

    1. RENECAR Praha s.r.o. (hereinafter the Lessor) and the Lessee enter into a Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement.
    2. The lessee may be a natural person over 21 years of age holding a driving license of the relevant group or a legal person whose employee who is authorized to use the leased vehicle meets the conditions set out herein for natural persons.
    3. The Lessee is obliged to prove his / her identity and ability to drive the vehicle at the conclusion of the Contract.

    Price of Rental

    1. Rental prices are set by the daily rate stated in the Lessor's valid price list.
    2. Daily rate means the rate for 24 hours from handover to the tenant.
    3. In the event that the daily rate is exceeded by more than one hour, the lessor is entitled to charge the tenant a full day's rate for the next day.


    1. Every vehicle that is the subject of the contract is insured by the legal liability insurance of the vehicle and further by accident insurance against damage, vandalism and theft, with the specified lessor.
    2. In the event of a loss event, the lessee pays the amount of the deductible agreed in the Contract, except where the lessee is liable for the damage in full.
    3. The insurance does not apply in cases where the damage occurred in connection with the tenant's breach of these contractual conditions or when he caused it under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substance. In such cases, the Lessee is liable for and damages the lessor.
    4. The lessee has the option to arrange additional insurance in the Contract for a surcharge and thus transfer the risk of participation to the lessor. The insurance does not cover damage to the chassis, tires, wheels and wheel covers, theft of the radio and navigation device.

    Lessor's obligations

    1. The Lessor is obliged to hand over to the Lessee a clean and in good technical condition, including compulsory accessories.
    2. The Lessor is obliged to provide the Lessee with the necessary documents from the vehicle together with the vehicle.

    Tenant's obligations

    1. The lessee is obliged to use the vehicle in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions so that no damage is caused to the vehicle.
    2. The Lessee is obliged to use the vehicle exclusively in person. The Lessee may not leave the vehicle to another person. In the event that the Lessee is a legal entity, the Employees designated by the Contract are entitled to use the vehicle.
    3. Furthermore, the Lessee is obliged to provide the vehicle for technical inspection without prior notice from the Lessor when the mileage is reached for service. The tenant is entitled to a loan for the duration of the service replacement vehicle.
    4. The lessee is obliged to report immediately any damage event on the vehicle (car accident, theft of the vehicle or its parts, etc.) to the Police of the Czech Republic, or Municipal police at the site, and landlord. If the lessee does not do so, he is responsible for possible damage in its entirety.
    5. The lessee is not entitled to dismantle, respectively. repair any parts of the vehicle. If the tenant proves to be a fault, the Lessor shall be liable in full for the damage incurred. If necessary to repair the vehicle, it is the tenant obliged to ask the lessor for prior approval and to consult with him the method of repair. The Lessee shall also be liable for any damage resulting from his / her ignorance of the technical minimum specified for motor vehicle drivers; including any towing charges
    6. Upon termination of the lease, the Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle properly and on time.
    7. In the event that the vehicle is returned in a heavily polluted condition or under unfavorable visibility conditions, the lessee is obliged to pay for any damage to the vehicle which the lessor finds after the vehicle has been cleaned or during the inspection optimum illumination and notify the lessee within 48 hours of returning the leased vehicle.

    Contractual penalties

    1. In case of loss of OTP or vehicle keys, the landlord is entitled to request payment of a fine of CZK 5,000.
    2. If the vehicle is stolen and the OTP or vehicle keys are lost simultaneously, the landlord is entitled to claim a fine of CZK 50,000.

    Final Provisions

    1. These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of each Lease Agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee and are binding on them in their entirety.
    2. Violations of the Terms and Conditions are grounds for withdrawal from the Agreement.