Welcome to Renecar Praha


Reservations are available at: info@renecar.cz

Speed limits


50 km/h


90 km/h


130 km/h

Important regulations

There is a point system on Czech roads, most traffic offenses are punished by penalty points in addition to monetary fines

Drunk driving is a criminal offense, a driver's license can be removed on the spot

Driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license is classified as a crime

No use of mobile phone while driving, except for hands-free use

Carriage of children is only possible in a child seat - it is possible to rent it together with the car

Permission to drive onto motorways and expressways only with highway sign

All-day duty to light motor vehicles all year round

Obligation to use the seat belt on all seats in the car

Pedestrian priority at crossing

How can we help you

We also recommend that you do not leave any valuables and vehicle documents in the vehicle.

In case of loss or theft of documents or car key, our company charges a penalty of 5000, - CZK!

n larger cities, especially in Prague, parking in the center is significantly reduced. There are so-called blue zones where only cars with permission can stand, otherwise you are at risk of towing a car. That's why it is important to be careful where you leave your vehicle parked.